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Welcome to Mind Agenda

What Mind Agenda is all about

Mind Agenda is a full service corporate partner in providing: Coaches, Speakers, Facilitators and Venues  booking system in South Africa.


How Mind Agenda adds value to Coaches and Speakers?

Mind Agenda is a highly Search Engine Optimised website which means that big Search Engines such as Google and Bing priorities its website pages over others.  Thus, profiles of Coaches and Speakers on our pages will receive more visibility.


Clients who are looking for Coaches and Speakers in South Africa complete the booking for on our website based on the preferred Speaker and Coaches profiles. After a booking form is completed, we send it to the preferred Speaker or Coach to close the deal.


How Mind Agenda adds Value to Event Organisers

Event Organizers can easily browse different kind of Coaches and Speakers for all event types and easily secure booking.

Event Organisers have many options to locate the ideal speaker for their event based on: Event budget, Location, Type of Function, Dates, Gender and Area of Specialisation.


How Mind Agenda adds Value to the end-user


End-users can learn and follow their favorite Coaches and Speakers through reading and listening to past events sessions. End-users can also buy the books and enroll for courses offered by the Speaker and Coaches.

Get Started with Booking Your Next Speaker

As one of the top online directory for speakers in South Africa, Mind Agenda has access to virtually any speaker or celebrity regardless of their speaking agency or exclusive bureau affiliation.

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